The Most Essential Weed Accessories for Every Stoner

Weed Accessories
Source: Wired

Smoking weed has become more complicated than ever! Every day, you see a new gadget or tool introduced to make your experience more efficient and convenient. Weed accessories are an entire category of the cannabis industry which makes money from stoners who like getting the dopiest gadget to show their friends. have a large farm intensively cultivated and wholly dedicated to cannabis plantation.

Here are the top weed products every real stoner should have:

Grinder – Grinders are certainly a necessity and the perfect way to dice up the weed without getting your hands involved. Nothing else works so good at grinding the bud into the perfect constancy for bongs, bowls and joints. 

Ash Tray – Ash trays are no brainer and vital for any seasoned stoner. You can learn everything about the person by looking at the ash tray he uses. 

Air-tight Container – While different people try different containers to store the weed, nothing can keep it better than a high-quality air-tight container. A must have for any serious stoner regardless of his level, these containers keep the weed spill-free and fresh for longer. 

Multi-Tool Lighter – It is quite surprising to see how technology can update a simple tool like lighter. A professional stoner can be easily identified by looking at the number of gadgets in his lighter. They come with tampers, steel pokers, wicks and anything else that you can imagine.

Rolling Tray – Rolling the blunts, joints and spliffs can be messy. Use of a rolling tray prevents the weed from spilling over the place and keeps all your gear in one place. 

Roach Killer – These are the little cute accessories which make sure you can enjoy the last bit of your bud. It saves you from burning your finger. 

Joint Filter Tips – Nothing is worse than rolling the right joint and finding you forgot the filter. Joint filter tips are a great way to keep the joint from sealing over and turning into a mummy.

Scale – If you ever wondered how much you are ripped off by your dealer, you should get a weed scale. This tool lets you stay updated on how much money your dealer owes you. 

Joint Roller – God has not blessed us all with the perfect rolling skills and this is where joint rollers come handy. Even if you are good at rolling, using this tool ensures each of them turns perfect. 

Dab Tool – This is crucial for all the dabbers. A good dab scooper prevents you from destroying pens and pencils that you have been using to scoop out the oil.

Pipe Cleaner – Bongs and bowls tend to get dirty over time. It is important to get the grime off the piece once in a while and a pipe cleaner can get this done. 

Air Filter – These weed products are for the secret stoners. Rather than spreading smoke all over the house, one can use the air filter that leaves the smokey smell behind. 

Blowtorch – Another tool for the dabbers, blowtorch is worth investing in if you want to ride the dab train. This can be useful as lighters don’t burn hot enough to work for concentrates. 

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